Thursday, April 15, 2010

Epiphany and Self-Evolution

Many people have experienced a moment of epiphany in their lifetime, an instant when they have an understanding or realization that seems so profound, it takes their breath away. In those few moments a person can feel like they just touched the edge of everything that is known. Maybe they took a glimpse into the heart of what mankind could one day be. Can our own struggle for understanding and growth open, for a moment, a doorway between ourselves and some great divine existence? Could this knowledge be locked deep within ourselves, waiting for us to discover the key to opening its door? Perhaps these moments of clarity are the result of a person’s step by step progress towards their own self-evolution.

We reach out to the stars and explore the depths of our oceans looking for answers; perhaps it is in the deep dark recesses of ourselves we should be searching. What wondrous secrets and bits of information might be stored in the unopened closet of Humanity, waiting to be discovered if we would only go seeking it! Will mankind stretch the reaches of its own imagination to challenge the boundaries of our understanding? Or will we choose to float, dormant in a sea of stagnation? Great peace and awareness may lie ahead, should we strive to attain it. Can you, by your own persistence and desire, break beyond the doorways that separate us from a more enlightened existence? Are we, ourselves, the obstruction that blocks the pathway to greater consciousness?

I believe it is the individual, themselves, who must free their mind and spirit to grow and learn. A person can be taught how to find their way, but only when they choose the path themselves, can they truly evolve. I have had my own personal epiphany. I have stood at the edge of reality and touched the stars. I have walked along the streams of awareness that link us to our creation and Creator. Humanity closes their eyes and ears to the future while I have peeked through the window and have seen a glimpse of what comes next. There is a world of difference between knowing something and understanding it; knowing gives us a concept while understanding gives us the reason. With reason we develop purpose and with purpose we can then find understanding in our existence.