Monday, August 14, 2017

Hippy-tude: The Attitude of Gratitude

Hippy-tude: The Attitude of Gratitude
by Lori Gebbie

Every day, we are faced with choices. The biggest choice we face most often is how we react to a situation we're in.  For example, my Mother-In-Law is passing. I could get all dramatic about it, but it's starting to hurt now (lung cancer), so I hope it's speedy. The greatest gift I got in my marriage was a MIL who was semi-enchanted by me. And I was as interested in hearing her life stories as she was in hearing about mine. Great lady, had a good and interesting life, but no mourning. Glad she touched my life, glad I felt her spirit, happy knowing she'll be twirling in the fields again very soon. Hippy-tude. It's all in how you face it.

Saw a post from a friend, her car broke down in the middle of nowhere, she happened to find a way to an auto shop, but the repair would take overnight. She found a sweet little campground right next to the shop and just really enjoyed a peaceful interlude in a hectic life. Hippy-tude.

When your cake hits the floor, but it lands right and you can just cut off the "tainted piece" and still have enough to share. Hippy-tude.

It could be worse, it just depends on how you want to view something. Hippy-tude. Take gratitude in the things you DO get out of your experiences, the positives, and leave the negatives to blow away in the wind.