Sunday, July 5, 2009

Keeping the faith

In these difficult economic times, I have watched as numerous businesses closed their doors in the local community. More and more people, including myself, delay or give up their dreams and aspirations. Several of our own projects have been shuffled further down the priority list, or put on hold, awaiting a better fiscal climate. Most entrepreneurs are working harder with fewer resources while scaling back their future expectations for growth and expansion.

It can be hard to have faith in your efforts when the results fail to meet hopes or expectations. When the struggle to succeed begins to feel like a never ending battle, self esteem can often be the casualty. Difficult times and experiences can compel even the strongest to question their faith in themselves.

The human spirit can be amazing at overcoming obstacles when fueled by creativity, passion, desire and ingenuity. Have faith in yourself and continue to follow your dreams. Every day brings a new opportunity and chance to succeed. The progress struggled for today may become the foundation a person builds on the tomorrow. Continue to dream and be flexible to the possibilities that exist in the future.


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