Monday, September 21, 2009

The Greatest Adventure

When every day you live becomes your greatest adventure life is an experience you are anxious to greet. While the concept is simple, the task can be overwhelming to accomplish. Maintaining hope and optimism from one day to the next can be a daunting chore in itself. It is always easier to have faith in an ideal than it is to live up to one. Daily events and the chaos of life can make it a challenge to consistently stay unwavering and on track in a person’s endeavors or journey.

For me, the greatest adventure has been to learn, grow and evolve as an individual, following my dreams and developing in directions I would have never explored without the opportunities my journey has afforded me. Each moment is a chance to learn from people, information, and environments around us. Everyone has the chance to better understand their world when one chooses to observe. Understanding the effect a single moment can have on a person’s progress is paramount when seeking to find one’s own self. The truth is often difficult to find, and even more of a challenge when we seek such honesty of ourselves. To understand the world outside we must first know the world within.

The fewer number of obstacles that obscure a person’s vision, the more clearly that individual can see a path to accomplishing their goals. When self improvement and growth are included in an individual’s endeavors, they will continue to excel towards their long term dreams. The desire to better ourselves and evolve as a person is not an overnight journey, and takes a lifetime to reach. The moment one milestone or pinnacle is accomplished, another will present itself and remind us that there is always more to learn and understand. Every individual must discover their own path and define their journey by the maturity, experience and desires of that person, themselves.

In my experience, every step forward presents a larger vision. Through observation and discovery, I have found a greater understanding of myself and the things around me. This forward evolution has helped to balance my life and bring me a peace and happiness I have never known before. The deeper I explored my own misperceptions and obstacles; the more clearly I understood the people, events and actions that molded me into the person I am. The deeper this understanding, the simpler many issues became. Small matters of guilt and emotional stress became much less significant matters to dwell on.

Most people spend a large amount of time discounting the knowledge and experiences of others. Many of the things we are told get judged and discarded without much consideration. Too often, individuals will hold onto the social, emotional or conceptual notions they have developed in their life, and quickly disregard the varied experiences of others. Even in the closest of relationships people often say and do things from a point of view limited by their own very personal experiences. One of the most valuable things a person can do to improve is to close their mouth, then open their eyes and ears to observe. Approaching people and information without pre-conceptions or assumptions is not easy, but will open a path to learning and understanding.

Everyone has more to learn, and each individual has something worth contributing. When people accept that others have lives and experiences which may be different, but just as valuable as their own, they can then see a larger perspective. When people can perceive a wider view on their world, the smaller less significant worries cease to be an issue in blocking success and happiness.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just yesterday;

Just yesterday, an acquaintance of ours turned a bitter attitude toward us. How can we be so peace loving and always looking toward a better tomorrow, when the world seems to be going up in flames? How can we tell everyone to focus on themselves, when their environment is demanding so much time from them? How can we continue to talk about love and peace and growth, when all around us is burning down? Don’t we know the state of the world? Don’t we know that unemployment is skyrocketing, and people aren’t going to be able to feed their families? Don’t we know that our government is out of control and will destroy us all?

Now, it would have been very easy to think of this person as a negative, someone who feeds off of their own misfortunes; someone who isn’t interested in growth at all, but is destructive to themselves and their environment. In fact, it was really tempting. But, we took some time and continued our conversation, and found they were being hit with a great deal of stress and circumstances. With a little bit of prompting, the bitterness began to turn to understanding, and the angst lessened. Positive seeks positive, negative feeds on negative.

We didn’t offer a quick solution, we didn’t take their problems away. But we did give them a better mindset to deal with their situations, and a better belief in themselves and their abilities to overcome the obstacles in their life.

Sometimes you need to rebalance and focus, so you can determine what is most important to YOU. We used to be wrapped up in what our friends had, and wanted the same or better for ourselves. But those objects never satisfied, there was always bigger and better. And bigger and better cost more and more money. So we had to work harder and harder. And there was always something just out of reach that we just had to have. The turning point for us came when the economy turned and were faced with layoffs. We had to decide what was important, and in doing so, we cut out a lot of the unnecessary expenses in our lives. We also started spending more time working on our personal relationship with each other. And the most amazing thing happened! We became happier.

When we form our own expectations in our lives, we see our goals attainable. We don’t need a new car if ours is dependable and running fine. We don’t need a brand new big screen television if our regular television still works. We don’t need to work overtime and stress ourselves out to earn enough money to take a vacation to distress and relax. We’ve left the daily grind, and take each new day as an adventure. Of course, we have our responsibilities and commitments, and maintain them. But we are more at peace with what we are and do.

Re-evaluate your goals, be happy with your level of success, don’t let others decide your happiness for you.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

It Takes More than Words

How often do people talk about the things they want out of life, but do very little in regards to fulfilling them? Wishes and dreams are wondrous things. The Human mind can create worlds of fantasy, take us on trips to locations we have never been, or develop the next greatest time-saving device. From contemplating what may exist beyond our corner of the universe, to examining our own existence and environment, human imagination and ingenuity enables our species to evolve and develop.

Concepts and ideas without action are the dreams and aspirations we leave unfulfilled. Even the best of intentions will never yield results, if no one acts to produce them. The happiest and most successful people that I have encountered seem to all have one thing in common; they took action, and made decisions that led their lives in the directions they desired. A cart will never carry a load if no one builds, loads, or supplies the energy to move it. It takes more than words for thoughts to become accomplishments and achievements.

When an individual has drive, passion, and desire, almost anything is possible. The most destructive force in blocking them from achieving their goal is self-doubt. It is the responsibility of the individual alone to define the path they desire to follow with their life. If your path meets a dead end, then you should build a new road. Know that each new day presents an opportunity to learn and grow in the direction you wish to travel.

Personal, Environmental, or Career Ambition;
To create positive change, a person must make decisions and positively act on them to achieve the goals they desire. From seeking spiritual enlightenment, to climbing the corporate ladder to CEO, the things we strive for take effort to reach. It is often the journey, and not the destination, that lead people to their greatest advancements in personal development. When a person strives to learn and grow, the obstacles overcome today easily become the stepping stones for success tomorrow.

Every adventure begins with a first step, much like other routines. The more often it is practiced, the more familiar it becomes. Make a concerted effort each day to gain knowledge from experiences. Small gains today lead to greater success in the future. It has often been observed that steady progress eventually results in accomplishing a person’s goal, even when the destination seems beyond reach at the beginning of the journey. The dreams envisioned today may lead to the advances made the next. Believe the goal reachable, and strive to make it happen.

Have confidence in your work. Often, the hardest person to convince an idea is worth striving for is ourselves. Trust in your own value. Believe that, with effort and perseverance, you can accomplish your goals no matter how difficult or lengthy the pursuit may be. The technologies and comforts of today were the concepts and fantasy of yesterday. Dare to challenge the boundaries that exist now for the possibilities presented tomorrow.

Don’t allow others to block your passion or desire. Even Don Quixote found his place in history from the pursuit of his dreams. Own your wishes, no matter how the future unfolds. The things a person envisions are theirs to hold onto and believe in. Whether you are inventing the next wheel, or simply convincing yourself tomorrow will be a better day, you are capable of great accomplishments when you believe in yourself.

Everything comes with a price. It takes effort; do not expect others to build your dreams for you. While it is always nice to have the support of others, you must guide the path your life takes by the choices you make. Even if the dream is shared, both individuals must have the passion and desire for success. Taking a passive roll by allowing others to make decisions, or standing on the sidelines, will not lead to the destination one wishes. Rather, it leads to the other individuals destination. While individuals do not have control over every experience that occurs in their lives, they do have the power to strive for the things they wish to achieve. When empowered with the ability to make decisions about their direction in life, a person has choices about the destiny they arrive at.

The choices a person makes, and the actions they take, have great influence on where their journey leads them. When a person has control over the path their life pursues, their chances for success improve greatly.