Thursday, April 27, 2017

A culture of lies

A culture of lies
by Robert Gebbie

It can be hard, in modern society, to discern fact from fiction. From false and exaggerated product advertising to political propaganda the truth has become an elusive beast almost impossible to define. We live in an Age where false impressions outweigh reality, and a World that places more value in the appearance than the substance. While science and technology have advanced the human race, overall, is rapidly declining as a species.

It is my opinion that our civilization has become petty and self absorbed. We have discarded ethics and values for self interest and personal gain. We have embraced the outrageous and ridiculous with little consideration for truth or facts. We are choosing short term gratification and glorification without regard for the long term consequences of our choices. We make excuses and try to justify the actions of criminals, while we disrespect the true heroes and defenders of our safety and freedom. The human race has become an embarrassment unto itself as we idolize popular celebrities and ignore those of real virtue and valor. Ignorance reigns supreme in a village of fools where the jester with the most colorful hat rules the flock.

While most individuals can do little to change the masses, they can change and become greater within themselves. Evolution cannot be mandated by laws or force, it must be earned through the struggles, experiences, and understandings of the singular self. Only by growth and enlightenment of individuals will a great and peaceful utopian society ever emerge. It is people themselves who create the environments and cultures in which they live and survive. Maybe, one day, mankind will learn to raise each other up instead of tearing each other down, then and only then will we reverse the current decline of our human species.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Change, Change, Change

Change, Change, Change
by Robert Gebbie

It is interesting how quickly a person's life can change. Just when you think you know what direction life is taking you, something happens, and you find yourself headed in a completely different direction. In recent months we have been receiving a lot of encouragement to write a more in-depth and comprehensive version of our "Self Perpetuating Evolution" essays. Self Perpetuating Evolution is a faith-inspired personal growth and development concept. It focuses on the inner person, with an emphasis on the mind and spirit portion of the mind, body, spirit connection. If you have never read this compilation of articles they are available on our main web site, a free downloadable PDF document is available to print at the bottom of the
page. You can find it here. -

We have decided to write a book and have begun gathering and combining several hundred of our older articles together to create an outlined starting point. It is a lot of work and at times feels overwhelming, but block by block it is all coming together. Over the months ahead we will, from time to time, publish updates about our latest adventure as well as including some

excerpts from the project. To be continued.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Overcoming a challenge

Overcoming a challenge;
by Robert Gebbie

Every individual faces challenges in their life, from the daily family and career struggles to the deep internal battles we fight within ourselves. The world is filled with situations that must be met or avoided. Knowing which obstacle to step around and which to charge head strong into can be a challenge in itself.
Often it is the way people approach Life's difficulties that determine the type of experiences they have in resolving them. Logic and reason can often get muddled with our emotions as we struggle to find acceptable solutions.

First, take a deep breath, you are not alone. Few, if any, have ever lived a life free of drama and/or tragedy of some kind. If the situation is not life threatening you probably have time to assess things before some action is necessary. Don't panic, in most instances remaining calm can be the greatest asset you have. Especially in an emergency, losing self control will most often result in creating greater damage rather than doing anything to resolve it.

Here are some general steps that can be taken that may help in tackling even the most difficult situations:

Evaluate, know the size and kind of challenge you face. From complex work projects to resolving the deep internal emotions of guilt and regret, understanding the situation is a must. You cannot solve a problem unless you first know what that problem is. A realistic and honest consideration of what you face and what it may or will take to accomplish the task ahead is the greatest key factor in success or failure.

Make a plan, understand the conditions that will get you from your starting point to its conclusion. Create a bridge of steps that you can cross which lead to the destination you expect to reach. When a person understands what it will take to reach their goals their aspiration then become obtainable.

Asses resources, take stock of the material, personnel and skills you have available. Know your limitations as well as your assets, if you're remodeling a house you will need supplies, someone to do the work, and the ability to complete the project. Each resource at your disposal is an asset, while any that are not available must be obtained to increase the chances for success.

Take action, nothing is ever accomplished without some form of movement. You cannot get anywhere if you don't first start the journey. Everything requires action, even air requires the effort of breathing to obtain, and no race is ever won without crossing the starting line first.

Most things in the course of a person's life can be overcome by applying some form of a process. Incredible things can be accomplished when a person establishes a goal and is determined to reach it. From curing childhood diseases to resolving deep emotional issues, the Human Race has not accomplished the things it has without great ability to adapt and evolve.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mountains and Mountains of Paperwork

Mountains and Mountains of Paperwork
by Lori Gebbie

Well, after years of writing and talking about it, we're ready to take the plunge. It's time to get a book out there. We've been presented with an opportunity to get our work together and meet with a publisher, so now comes the task of gathering all of our essays and articles and stitch them together. What I didn't realize was the amount of content we'd created! Literally thousands of pages to sift through and meld!
While it looks to be a daunting task, it's a labor of love, and one that I'm willing to step up to. The book will focus on Self Perpetuating Evolution, and the keys that are used to unlock your potential. Robert and I look forward to this new chapter in our lives, and hope to leave our mark in a positive way! We will keep you updated on progress, and hope you enjoy this part of our journey with us! First Rough Draft goal is May 1!!