Monday, February 8, 2010

Road Trip - Cliff Nichols, Square Dance Caller – And 2 other updates

In December of 2009, Lori and I made a working road trip up north to photograph several clients over an extended four day weekend. One of our clients was Square Dance Caller Cliff Nichols, who is also a good friend. Cliff generously hosted our stay, as well as allowed us to use his home as a studio. The trip was great fun and we were able to do some wonderful work for several people who had been requesting sessions for some time, but were unable to schedule the long trip south to see us.

We would like to thank Mr. Nichols for his friendship and hospitality which made the trip such a rewarding experience. The story and passion of his work is inspiring, and we would like to present a few of the images from this shoot, and share a little about the man and his journey.

This is an excerpt from his website at Cliff Nichols, Square Dance Caller - and a few of our favorite images from that session. The rest of his story and more of the images can be found on his site.

“First beginner class 1972 with my father Johnnie Nichols in Salinas California. Danced off and on until 2004 when Dad passed away, and I went through beginner classes with the Boots and Laces. Dad always wanted me to learn to call, but I would not put in the work. As I began dancing again, I felt compelled to at least try to see if I could actually be a caller. I enlisted the assistance of the B&L caller Seattle's own red hot caller Mr. Eddie Harry, and borrowed his old Hilton, bought a microphone and started practicing. On Sept. 2 2005 I did my first singing call, something called "Those Memories Of You". My legs didn't collapse, nobody threw anything at me, and the work continued. My good friend Bob Shiver found me my first setup, a Hilton 95, and now I had a microphone, records, and a PA. With Eddie's help, I started learning to patter by helping teach lessons for the Boots and Laces, and I will always be indebted to those poor students that had to put up with brilliant calls such as Heads pass the ocean, wheel and deal.


Our latest book project - "Beautiful Souls" A Portrait Study of 11 Women - has been published and is now available at our bookstore at blurb -
This project was such a wonderful experience to create, and extremely rewarding. To see the response to their pictures, their faces lighting up in joy, and to see them walk away with more confidence and a new sense of pride, well, that makes the work worthwhile.

Responses on "Beautiful Souls"

Sandra L - I truly love the pictures they are beautiful omg you two are amazing i love you.

- I was over to the site yesterday and saw your blog I think it was, with a few photos. Nice. I love photos of "real" people. We're beautiful too, us real people who are not models!

W: ...- It's a very good book. The pic's are very nicely done, My hat's off to Mr. G. It's an awesome job. Thank you, and R.H.A. say's to tell you she gives it a 10 out of 10.


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