Monday, August 31, 2009

I-5 Computers Revisited, Fast and Reliable!

Robert and I had finally felt the stress of working non-stop on our business and various projects, and knew we needed a break. Our relationship had always been a close one, but lately we realized we had stopped dealing with each other on a personal level. It was always about the company.

It was a Friday night, and a phone call spurred on a lively conversation, one which Robert and I continued well into the night. By 4am, we were on our fourth pot of coffee, and the conversation was still quite animated. This began our incredible vacation from work and the world. Formerly logging 22 hours a day online between the 2 of us, we only accessed email once a day, spending twenty minutes hastily browsing the subject lines, only opening the most urgent in need of reply.

We spoke, and shared, and loved, and touched. Not requiring food or sleep, we stayed up for days straight, sharing and growing together, telling the stories you don't dare repeat even to yourself. We grew a lot in those three weeks, solidifying our commitment to each other and ourselves.

It was at the end of the 2nd week that our computer went down. But we weren't ready to get back to work just yet. We were still on our vacation. Without a computer, we put pencil to paper, and outlined dozens of new projects and ideas and goals. And Robert began to draw again.
Well, now at the end of our vacation, we feel the pull to get back into the swing of things. But our computer was still down! I asked a friend for some help, but after 2 no-call, no-show appointments, Robert checked around and found an old co-worker of his is now running a computer business here in Vancouver.

i-5 Computers, located just west of i-5 on Mill Plain is run by Darren and James. Motivated more by ethics and quality than greed, they diagnose computer systems for free, offer very reasonable repair rates, and do Home and Business Networking and Data Recovery. Definitely aware of our economic times, they strive to make affordable systems and offer quality products for everyone. And if they can't fix it, there is no charge for the diagnosis, ever.

Honor, Integrity, Ethics. These are the things that separate a good company from a great one.

i-5 Computers Inc, 309 E 15th Street Suite A, Vancouver WA 98663 (360) 326-4909

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Fall of Technology

Recently, we had our computer systems crash on us, and have been keeping up with things from a friend's computer. We would like to thank everyone for their continued suport and best wishes as we resolve our technical dificulties.

Lori and I have been working on several ideas for new directions and projects. We will announce and present these when we resolve our computer issues and return to a normal work schedule.

Thanks again to everyone and we hope to be back to full operations soon.

Robert & Lori Gebbie