Monday, December 14, 2009

The One Thing

There is one thing every person in the world can do to enrich their lives. Young or old, rich or poor, large and small, from every country, view or ethnic background; we can all work on who we are as individuals. Every person can benefit from taking time to improve upon who they are.

Imagine, for a moment, the progress our race would make in science, the arts and just about every other aspect of humanity that exists, if we all simply made a small effort to be better people. From the course of our careers to the relationships we have, almost the entire essence of who we are would be greater tomorrow than it is this moment, if only the effort was made. I know it is not likely to happen, the odds are against such a miracle. But still, what if?

What can a person do to be a happier, more confident individual when the sun rises than they were at sunset the day before? Take a breath, slow down, and look at every aspect of our daily lives, less confused and more at peace, to define who we are and the things we dream to be. What a huge leap forward for the evolution of mankind, if we would only, could only, look deep within us to make our lives better. What would you let go of today for a greater you tomorrow?

So, if you wish and want for better, if you would like to be happier, more peaceful and content, then look inside yourself. Face the fears, break down the walls, and make an effort to improve on the individual that you are. Be honest with yourself. Remove the lies and buried misconceptions that hold back the greater you that rests within. Resolve today to define the heart and soul inside yourself, and look forward to life and the journey we are on!