Monday, December 14, 2009

The One Thing

There is one thing every person in the world can do to enrich their lives. Young or old, rich or poor, large and small, from every country, view or ethnic background; we can all work on who we are as individuals. Every person can benefit from taking time to improve upon who they are.

Imagine, for a moment, the progress our race would make in science, the arts and just about every other aspect of humanity that exists, if we all simply made a small effort to be better people. From the course of our careers to the relationships we have, almost the entire essence of who we are would be greater tomorrow than it is this moment, if only the effort was made. I know it is not likely to happen, the odds are against such a miracle. But still, what if?

What can a person do to be a happier, more confident individual when the sun rises than they were at sunset the day before? Take a breath, slow down, and look at every aspect of our daily lives, less confused and more at peace, to define who we are and the things we dream to be. What a huge leap forward for the evolution of mankind, if we would only, could only, look deep within us to make our lives better. What would you let go of today for a greater you tomorrow?

So, if you wish and want for better, if you would like to be happier, more peaceful and content, then look inside yourself. Face the fears, break down the walls, and make an effort to improve on the individual that you are. Be honest with yourself. Remove the lies and buried misconceptions that hold back the greater you that rests within. Resolve today to define the heart and soul inside yourself, and look forward to life and the journey we are on!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


The greatest treasure mankind has to offer cannot be purchased with silver or gold, but must be earned through the experiences in life’s journey. More valuable than the world’s most prized piece of art is the knowledge and wisdom humanity has gained in our short existence on this planet. With a fantastic imagination and the ability to learn and adapt the race of man has evolved from cave dweller to space explorer.

With everything that people have and can create, the most precious item of all is the one that usually gets overlooked, which is ourselves. In today’s busy and rapidly changing world, it can be difficult to find time for improving as individuals. With career and family obligations, and the random chaos that interrupts daily life, people often neglect dedicating time for them self. When individuals understand who they are inside, they are much better equipped to deal with the world outside.

No amount of wealth can make a person content if they are not first happy with themselves. The world can be a hard and unforgiving place, relationships, careers and possessions can all be taken away from individuals throughout their lifetime. The things you seek today can quickly become the stuff of distant memory tomorrow. When an individual can love and accept themselves, they can find peace with whatever their future might hold.

So if you want to shine up your most precious gem, or put another coat of polish on your greatest treasure then look inside and better yourself. The finest creation humanity has to offer, individually and collectively, is who we are as people. There is no gift more valuable than when people give of themselves.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Winter approaches

Winter approaches, and with it comes a season of change. The leaves start to turn into their autumn colors, floating softly to the ground as they die off, winter harvests of squash and pumpkins fill the fields, children bundled in their winter coats and knit caps, hurrying home after school. I love this time of the year. I love the grey skies and the cloudy days. This is why I made my home in the Pacific North West. Most people are sun lovers, my husband included. But I grew up in the southern states, and winters are still new to me. I still approach winter with wonder. I love seeing the leaves change to orange, red and yellow. I love all the rain, even the days-on-end rain we get here in Vancouver. And I love the snow. Snow, who could have known it would be like that? I’m sure some of you will laugh, as many of my friends do now. But when it starts to fall, I run outside and stand in it, looking up, watching the flakes softly float down to Earth, feeling as if I am dancing in a snowglobe that has just been shook. The thought of making a snowman thrills me, and I prepare weeks ahead of time, gathering branches that might look good as arms and hands, planning out how I will position them, wishing I had as much snow as Calvin did in the old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

Living here, I have approached imagination and wonder again. I allow myself to dance in the fallen leaves, to play in the snow, to fly a kite. I have regained my curiosity, and am willing to make up a story about how a shoe got into the middle of the road, instead of passing it by with a glance. I am perfectly willing to eat ice cream for dinner, and have the audacity to stay up until four am, laughing with my friends. Robert shares this with me now, instead of fighting it. He says I’m truly a five year old at heart, and I embrace that. Being able to allow my child out has allowed him to do the same, and with it, our work gets more and more intense.

We are getting busy as the holidays approach. Families are getting together, and memories are being made. We are happy to be a part of this, capturing friendships and love in pictures. We are traveling to the Seattle area the first weekend in December for a commercial shoot, and have a few time slots available for individual portrait work. Any interest should be directed to

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Briar Wood Pipes

Briar Wood Pipes

For a number of years, Robert has been making Briar wood pipes for himself and friends. These beautiful pipes are cut and hand sanded, bringing out the beauty in the grain of the wood. Straight grains, flame grains, sunburst patterns, these are all seen in the wood. We have made a few of them available on our etsy site, and we invite you to take a look for yourself!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Latest PDX Girl, Jennifer

In the latest of our series on the Essence of Woman, we would like to introduce Jennifer. We had such fun, she was a dream to work with! We are looking forward to working with her again very soon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Greatest Adventure

When every day you live becomes your greatest adventure life is an experience you are anxious to greet. While the concept is simple, the task can be overwhelming to accomplish. Maintaining hope and optimism from one day to the next can be a daunting chore in itself. It is always easier to have faith in an ideal than it is to live up to one. Daily events and the chaos of life can make it a challenge to consistently stay unwavering and on track in a person’s endeavors or journey.

For me, the greatest adventure has been to learn, grow and evolve as an individual, following my dreams and developing in directions I would have never explored without the opportunities my journey has afforded me. Each moment is a chance to learn from people, information, and environments around us. Everyone has the chance to better understand their world when one chooses to observe. Understanding the effect a single moment can have on a person’s progress is paramount when seeking to find one’s own self. The truth is often difficult to find, and even more of a challenge when we seek such honesty of ourselves. To understand the world outside we must first know the world within.

The fewer number of obstacles that obscure a person’s vision, the more clearly that individual can see a path to accomplishing their goals. When self improvement and growth are included in an individual’s endeavors, they will continue to excel towards their long term dreams. The desire to better ourselves and evolve as a person is not an overnight journey, and takes a lifetime to reach. The moment one milestone or pinnacle is accomplished, another will present itself and remind us that there is always more to learn and understand. Every individual must discover their own path and define their journey by the maturity, experience and desires of that person, themselves.

In my experience, every step forward presents a larger vision. Through observation and discovery, I have found a greater understanding of myself and the things around me. This forward evolution has helped to balance my life and bring me a peace and happiness I have never known before. The deeper I explored my own misperceptions and obstacles; the more clearly I understood the people, events and actions that molded me into the person I am. The deeper this understanding, the simpler many issues became. Small matters of guilt and emotional stress became much less significant matters to dwell on.

Most people spend a large amount of time discounting the knowledge and experiences of others. Many of the things we are told get judged and discarded without much consideration. Too often, individuals will hold onto the social, emotional or conceptual notions they have developed in their life, and quickly disregard the varied experiences of others. Even in the closest of relationships people often say and do things from a point of view limited by their own very personal experiences. One of the most valuable things a person can do to improve is to close their mouth, then open their eyes and ears to observe. Approaching people and information without pre-conceptions or assumptions is not easy, but will open a path to learning and understanding.

Everyone has more to learn, and each individual has something worth contributing. When people accept that others have lives and experiences which may be different, but just as valuable as their own, they can then see a larger perspective. When people can perceive a wider view on their world, the smaller less significant worries cease to be an issue in blocking success and happiness.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just yesterday;

Just yesterday, an acquaintance of ours turned a bitter attitude toward us. How can we be so peace loving and always looking toward a better tomorrow, when the world seems to be going up in flames? How can we tell everyone to focus on themselves, when their environment is demanding so much time from them? How can we continue to talk about love and peace and growth, when all around us is burning down? Don’t we know the state of the world? Don’t we know that unemployment is skyrocketing, and people aren’t going to be able to feed their families? Don’t we know that our government is out of control and will destroy us all?

Now, it would have been very easy to think of this person as a negative, someone who feeds off of their own misfortunes; someone who isn’t interested in growth at all, but is destructive to themselves and their environment. In fact, it was really tempting. But, we took some time and continued our conversation, and found they were being hit with a great deal of stress and circumstances. With a little bit of prompting, the bitterness began to turn to understanding, and the angst lessened. Positive seeks positive, negative feeds on negative.

We didn’t offer a quick solution, we didn’t take their problems away. But we did give them a better mindset to deal with their situations, and a better belief in themselves and their abilities to overcome the obstacles in their life.

Sometimes you need to rebalance and focus, so you can determine what is most important to YOU. We used to be wrapped up in what our friends had, and wanted the same or better for ourselves. But those objects never satisfied, there was always bigger and better. And bigger and better cost more and more money. So we had to work harder and harder. And there was always something just out of reach that we just had to have. The turning point for us came when the economy turned and were faced with layoffs. We had to decide what was important, and in doing so, we cut out a lot of the unnecessary expenses in our lives. We also started spending more time working on our personal relationship with each other. And the most amazing thing happened! We became happier.

When we form our own expectations in our lives, we see our goals attainable. We don’t need a new car if ours is dependable and running fine. We don’t need a brand new big screen television if our regular television still works. We don’t need to work overtime and stress ourselves out to earn enough money to take a vacation to distress and relax. We’ve left the daily grind, and take each new day as an adventure. Of course, we have our responsibilities and commitments, and maintain them. But we are more at peace with what we are and do.

Re-evaluate your goals, be happy with your level of success, don’t let others decide your happiness for you.

The main site to connect to all our work (Articles, Images, Books, Publications, Figurines and soon Freehand Briar wood Tobacco and Smoking Pipes) is at – Sharing our creativity and inspiration with the world.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

It Takes More than Words

How often do people talk about the things they want out of life, but do very little in regards to fulfilling them? Wishes and dreams are wondrous things. The Human mind can create worlds of fantasy, take us on trips to locations we have never been, or develop the next greatest time-saving device. From contemplating what may exist beyond our corner of the universe, to examining our own existence and environment, human imagination and ingenuity enables our species to evolve and develop.

Concepts and ideas without action are the dreams and aspirations we leave unfulfilled. Even the best of intentions will never yield results, if no one acts to produce them. The happiest and most successful people that I have encountered seem to all have one thing in common; they took action, and made decisions that led their lives in the directions they desired. A cart will never carry a load if no one builds, loads, or supplies the energy to move it. It takes more than words for thoughts to become accomplishments and achievements.

When an individual has drive, passion, and desire, almost anything is possible. The most destructive force in blocking them from achieving their goal is self-doubt. It is the responsibility of the individual alone to define the path they desire to follow with their life. If your path meets a dead end, then you should build a new road. Know that each new day presents an opportunity to learn and grow in the direction you wish to travel.

Personal, Environmental, or Career Ambition;
To create positive change, a person must make decisions and positively act on them to achieve the goals they desire. From seeking spiritual enlightenment, to climbing the corporate ladder to CEO, the things we strive for take effort to reach. It is often the journey, and not the destination, that lead people to their greatest advancements in personal development. When a person strives to learn and grow, the obstacles overcome today easily become the stepping stones for success tomorrow.

Every adventure begins with a first step, much like other routines. The more often it is practiced, the more familiar it becomes. Make a concerted effort each day to gain knowledge from experiences. Small gains today lead to greater success in the future. It has often been observed that steady progress eventually results in accomplishing a person’s goal, even when the destination seems beyond reach at the beginning of the journey. The dreams envisioned today may lead to the advances made the next. Believe the goal reachable, and strive to make it happen.

Have confidence in your work. Often, the hardest person to convince an idea is worth striving for is ourselves. Trust in your own value. Believe that, with effort and perseverance, you can accomplish your goals no matter how difficult or lengthy the pursuit may be. The technologies and comforts of today were the concepts and fantasy of yesterday. Dare to challenge the boundaries that exist now for the possibilities presented tomorrow.

Don’t allow others to block your passion or desire. Even Don Quixote found his place in history from the pursuit of his dreams. Own your wishes, no matter how the future unfolds. The things a person envisions are theirs to hold onto and believe in. Whether you are inventing the next wheel, or simply convincing yourself tomorrow will be a better day, you are capable of great accomplishments when you believe in yourself.

Everything comes with a price. It takes effort; do not expect others to build your dreams for you. While it is always nice to have the support of others, you must guide the path your life takes by the choices you make. Even if the dream is shared, both individuals must have the passion and desire for success. Taking a passive roll by allowing others to make decisions, or standing on the sidelines, will not lead to the destination one wishes. Rather, it leads to the other individuals destination. While individuals do not have control over every experience that occurs in their lives, they do have the power to strive for the things they wish to achieve. When empowered with the ability to make decisions about their direction in life, a person has choices about the destiny they arrive at.

The choices a person makes, and the actions they take, have great influence on where their journey leads them. When a person has control over the path their life pursues, their chances for success improve greatly.

Monday, August 31, 2009

I-5 Computers Revisited, Fast and Reliable!

Robert and I had finally felt the stress of working non-stop on our business and various projects, and knew we needed a break. Our relationship had always been a close one, but lately we realized we had stopped dealing with each other on a personal level. It was always about the company.

It was a Friday night, and a phone call spurred on a lively conversation, one which Robert and I continued well into the night. By 4am, we were on our fourth pot of coffee, and the conversation was still quite animated. This began our incredible vacation from work and the world. Formerly logging 22 hours a day online between the 2 of us, we only accessed email once a day, spending twenty minutes hastily browsing the subject lines, only opening the most urgent in need of reply.

We spoke, and shared, and loved, and touched. Not requiring food or sleep, we stayed up for days straight, sharing and growing together, telling the stories you don't dare repeat even to yourself. We grew a lot in those three weeks, solidifying our commitment to each other and ourselves.

It was at the end of the 2nd week that our computer went down. But we weren't ready to get back to work just yet. We were still on our vacation. Without a computer, we put pencil to paper, and outlined dozens of new projects and ideas and goals. And Robert began to draw again.
Well, now at the end of our vacation, we feel the pull to get back into the swing of things. But our computer was still down! I asked a friend for some help, but after 2 no-call, no-show appointments, Robert checked around and found an old co-worker of his is now running a computer business here in Vancouver.

i-5 Computers, located just west of i-5 on Mill Plain is run by Darren and James. Motivated more by ethics and quality than greed, they diagnose computer systems for free, offer very reasonable repair rates, and do Home and Business Networking and Data Recovery. Definitely aware of our economic times, they strive to make affordable systems and offer quality products for everyone. And if they can't fix it, there is no charge for the diagnosis, ever.

Honor, Integrity, Ethics. These are the things that separate a good company from a great one.

i-5 Computers Inc, 309 E 15th Street Suite A, Vancouver WA 98663 (360) 326-4909

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Fall of Technology

Recently, we had our computer systems crash on us, and have been keeping up with things from a friend's computer. We would like to thank everyone for their continued suport and best wishes as we resolve our technical dificulties.

Lori and I have been working on several ideas for new directions and projects. We will announce and present these when we resolve our computer issues and return to a normal work schedule.

Thanks again to everyone and we hope to be back to full operations soon.

Robert & Lori Gebbie

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Keeping the faith

In these difficult economic times, I have watched as numerous businesses closed their doors in the local community. More and more people, including myself, delay or give up their dreams and aspirations. Several of our own projects have been shuffled further down the priority list, or put on hold, awaiting a better fiscal climate. Most entrepreneurs are working harder with fewer resources while scaling back their future expectations for growth and expansion.

It can be hard to have faith in your efforts when the results fail to meet hopes or expectations. When the struggle to succeed begins to feel like a never ending battle, self esteem can often be the casualty. Difficult times and experiences can compel even the strongest to question their faith in themselves.

The human spirit can be amazing at overcoming obstacles when fueled by creativity, passion, desire and ingenuity. Have faith in yourself and continue to follow your dreams. Every day brings a new opportunity and chance to succeed. The progress struggled for today may become the foundation a person builds on the tomorrow. Continue to dream and be flexible to the possibilities that exist in the future.


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Monday, June 22, 2009

Relay for Life 2009

Robert’s daughter, Crystal, is the Captain of a Relay for Life team, “Chasing Hope”. The relay is scheduled for 10 am – 10 am, August 15-16 in Battleground, WA. This event has been combined with North Clark County for the 2009 season.

Relay for Life benefits cancer research and celebrates the lives of those who have battled cancer, and to remember loved ones lost. It is a touching event, many people are there to tell their stories on survival or loss, groups of people walking a track, laughing and crying together, celebrating life and lives. This event touches our family, as Robert’s step-dad is battling cancer.

We’d like to share her team page with you, and hope that you’ll at least visit to see what the organization is about. Should you wish to donate, your efforts will help the American Cancer Society fund groundbreaking cancer research, provide up-to-date cancer information, advocate for all people to have access to screening and treatment, and offer free programs and services to improve the quality of life for people facing cancer.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its all coming together

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new main web site at We have grown and expanded dramatically in our creative endeavourers since beginning our journey in January of 2008.

Today as we look forward into the future it is our plan to develop this site into the main “hub” of our activities. In the near future we will be obtaining a dot com (.com) address and expanding the current layout to include more information about the services and creative projects we are involved in as well as a means to connect and follow our artists.

Our RSS or optional e-mail subscription feed are located on the blog or main site and will carry announcements, articles, links, updates and information to keep friends and readers current.

We hope you find our new site easy to navigate, and encourage visitors to leave feedback with us at or

We have lots of things in the works for the future so stay tuned and join us for our journey.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Robert 4, MRSA 0

MRSA infection is caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria — often called "staph." MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. It's a strain of staph that's resistant to the broad-spectrum antibiotics commonly used to treat it. MRSA can be fatal.

How many times do we see a report on the news about some new superbug, and think, “How sad for the people that got it, but it could never happen to me.” We always took precautions, we’re a bit OCD about washing our hands and cleaning cat scratches or cuts with peroxide. So when Robert got a little pimple, we didn’t think anything of it at all. Not even when it got a little bigger, we just ignored it. Then he got a fever, and he started getting some pain. By the time I took him to the Emergency Room FOUR HOURS LATER, the pimple abscessed and grew from the size of a raisin to the size of an 8” banana. It tunneled into his body, turning flesh and healthy tissue into a liquid acidic pus. Had he gone to bed that night, the doctor said he would have died in his sleep. We were fortunate that he got intense pain and a fever immediately, which made going to the ER an option. The abscess was drained in surgery, and he was given a healthy dose of antibiotics by IV. The hospital stay lasted a week, and he was confined to the house until his wound healed. My entire house smelled like bleach, my towels and linens bleach stained from soaking, rubber gloves and antibacterial hand gel became the norm.

I was concerned for my own health, because of how it tore through his body. It isn’t uncommon for me to have a scratch or cut on my hands, because we have cats. But I never got it, never got sick with it.

Staph bacteria are normally found on the skin or in the nose of about one-third of the population. If you have staph on your skin or in your nose but aren't sick, you are said to be "colonized" but not infected. Healthy people can be colonized and have no ill effects. However, they can pass the germ to others.

There are some things you can do at home. Clean wounds immediately, no matter how small they are. Use seat covers in public bathrooms. Wash your hands after bathroom visits. Wash your hands before and after touching food. And the big one for me, Ladies, STOP PUTTING YOUR PURSE ON THE FLOOR!! Think about where you set your purse down. It’s common to just throw them on the floor or under your desk. And it’s also pretty common to put them on the kitchen counter or kitchen table. Germs transfer surface to surface. Also, for houses with kids, make sure they get into the habit of using a tissue to wipe their noses, instead of their sleeves. Wash hands after playtime, or if they are in contact with sick kids.

If you get antibiotics, take the full course. Do not save a pill or two for another time, this is dangerous, and how germs mutate and grow.

Like other superbugs, MRSA is the result of decades of excessive and unnecessary antibiotic use. For years, antibiotics have been prescribed for colds, flu and other viral infections that don't respond to these drugs, as well as for simple bacterial infections that normally clear on their own.

Now, 18 months later, we are getting over the fourth bout of MRSA that has attacked Robert. This one sent us to the hospital again, it was too deep to drain at home. So, once again, my towels are bleach stained, bleach wipes and rubber gloves abound, and a special container is on the bathroom counter to collect the bandages and used gloves. And I couldn’t be happier. Because, once again, Robert has defeated MRSA. And I still have my husband.

For more information, see

Monday, May 25, 2009

Captured Passion

The other day, we were at the grocery store, and met Tiny. She was standing in the aisle, and although I don’t remember the comment that started the conversation, soon we’d been standing there for ten minutes, talking and laughing together. She is a writer/poet, and was interested in getting some of her work seen. We had just published our books, so we invited her over so we could talk more in depth about her work, and give her some leads to help her in her searches. She doesn’t have a computer (I know, we were shocked, too) so she had no idea there were various publishing sites available.
Tiny arrived at our place, book bag in tow, stuffed with notebooks, paper falling out of them. We sat in our living room and talked for quite a while, sharing stories and making a new friend.
While she was sitting there, talking to me, I noticed Robert kept looking at her, like he was studying her. She kept talking, her expressions animated. Her life is filled with pain, both emotional and physical, yet this strong woman still has a streak of confidence and happiness. A plain looking woman, however her passion sparks a special beauty in her. He saw that, and wanted to capture it. I asked her if she was interested in getting some pictures taken, and I explained the basics of stock photography to her. She was interested, so we planned a shoot and I gave her a contract to take home and read over with her husband. We talked more about her work, and I gave her some pointers on how to organize herself.
We discussed Tiny long after she left. Not sure that we could jump straight into commercial photography, he decided to run some test shots on her, to see how she worked with him and the camera. Some people are naturals in front of the camera, and some need to loosen up a little. Besides, he wanted to see if he could capture some of what he saw.
She showed up for the shoot, excited to be getting real pictures done. When we went through them at the end, she was floored and excited. She had never seen herself like that before. We feel they capture her quite well.
This is Tiny, her beauty, her softness, and her essence.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On Controlling Your Future

Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time dissecting and analyzing ourselves as artists, as spouses, as individuals. The one thing we have agreed on, completely, is that understanding is the most important part. Learning how to understand our triggers better has brought an odd peace into our home. Odd, because we are still faced with the same worries and issues as before, but more peaceful because we understand how these things affect us, and make a choice to not be affected. As long as you understand you have a choice, you can make one.

“We are the result of our experiences both good and bad. There are numerous factors that create the people we become in life. Some of these events we have direct influence on or control over, while others are a matter of timing and fate. Everyone, each person in this world, has an individual perspective and their own unique story to tell. From the lucky and successful, to the disaster ridden and misfortunate, every path has a personal amount of choice and its own measure of the unexpected.”
– excerpt from “Controlling Your Future” by Robert Gebbie.

Learning how to take more control of your life and those things that influence you is part of the focus of this article. To see this article, and many other self-improvement articles, be sure to see Robert’s page at –

Monday, May 4, 2009

RGebbiePhoto Live Radio Interview on

Wednesday 05/06/09 TwinPsychics Radio shows on - An Interview with Robert & Lori Gebbie from RGebbiePhoto

Robert’s inspirational writing has touched a wide audience, and among them is the Twin Psychic’s Network ( We were pretty happy when they invited us to do a radio interview! Sunhee is such a positive and encouraging force, we couldn’t help but jump at the chance of getting to know her better!

“I, Creator – a personal journey” ( has caused quite a bit of interest, bringing words of hope, guidance and inspiration to many. Knowing that we are helping others with our words of encouragement means a great deal to us. Sunhee has asked that we talk a little about the book, but also that we tell the story behind the creation. We hope you tune in and join us!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Relay for Life

Robert’s daughter, Crystal, is a really great young lady. I’ve known her for the last six years, and at age 22, she’s really come into her own. She’s made some good choices in her life, and has a great heart. This year, she’s decided to give back a little to her community, and to help in a wonderful cause. She is the Captain of a Relay for Life team, “Chasing Hope”

Relay for Life benefits cancer research and celebrates the lives of those who have battled cancer, and to remember loved ones lost. It is a touching event, many people are there to tell their stories on survival or loss, groups of people walking a track, laughing and crying together, celebrating life and lives. This event touches our family, as Robert’s step-dad is battling cancer.

So far, she is the top earner in her team, and we’re real proud of her! We’d like to share her team page with you, and hope that you’ll at least visit to see what the organization is about. Should you wish to donate, your efforts will help the American Cancer Society fund groundbreaking cancer research, provide up-to-date cancer information, advocate for all people to have access to screening and treatment, and offer free programs and services to improve the quality of life for people facing cancer.

Relay for Life

We hope you check it out!

Friday, April 17, 2009

In Looking Back

We talk a lot about expanding and growing to keep competitive. We push this issue, because we see the benefit of it, first hand.

When we started RGP, we were photography oriented. It was all about the images, and building our stock portfolios online. But we realized quite soon that we would need to expand, to keep competitive. Robert was always an illustrator, so we added Vector illustrations to our portfolio. We started a commerce site, one where we could sell our prints and merchandise, as well as have galleries for our clients to review their images. This was a good step for us, it gave us a new avenue for revenue. But this avenue would do nothing, unless we promoted it.

We hired someone to help us out with our sales and networking, however that didn’t pan out as well as we wished. The lack of effort on their part was astonishing to us! For someone who had talked their skills up, we couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t make a move without us handing them a direct lead. This relationship was shortly terminated, and in an effort to recoup our losses, Robert made an attempt at marketing and networking himself. It’s possible that he did this out of necessity, but more probable he pushed himself out of spite. But in 2 months time, he pushed himself and our company to the large network of friends and associates we now hold.

We also started writing. Everyone has a story, some stories are easy to relate to or learn from. We started with our blog, and ended up with our book (I, Creator ISBN# 978-0-9824214-1-3) and several motivational/inspirational pieces that we have up at different sites online (eHow, Associated Content, Bukisa, etc).

At this time, we are being asked for radio interviews, directly from the interest of our book. We also receive emails daily from others, telling us how we are motivating and inspiring them to keep going, to not let the small stuff get them down. The word seems to be getting out, and our readership is growing.

We feel, at this point, that we have created a concrete base for our business to grow on. We have done our research, and progressed slowly and wisely. But, while money seems to be a motivational factor in most businesses, in ours inspiration, growth, and ethics are most important.

We aren’t sure what’s coming up next, but let me tell you, we are open to the next suggestion, and look forward to the challenges it may bring!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jim is Also a Model

We have been so busy, trying to get everything set up. We had a ton of research to do while getting our books ready, ISBN numbers, Bar Codes, press releases, etc. And Robert has been doing a bit of writing for eHow, Associated Content, and a handful of other sites. Robert also keeps up with our marketing and advertising. And I’ve been working on the stock side of things, keywording and submitting, as well as all the paperwork side of the house.

Oh, and we just got new lights. So, in the midst of all we are doing, we got some people to come over and take a few pictures. This is James Burns, creator of the Flowers at Night series, as well as others. Sometimes we can get him to step in front of the camera. Here are some of the shots we got. Sorry, I don’t edit, so those are converted straight from RAW. And, yeah, I think they will go stock.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Robert Gebbie Photography
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Vancouver WA 98661
(360) 718-7946

Passion in Art combines with Inspirational Guidance in “I, Creator – a personal journey”

VANCOUVER, WA March 24, 2009 - Photographer/Writer Robert Gebbie uses emotionally charged self-portraits to illustrate his words of hope and encouragement. Learning to cope and deal with depression is a difficult road to travel. In this book, Robert bares his soul, and asks you to do the same. To look into yourself, to see your commitment to your spirit, and to follow it.

I, Creator – a personal journey is available through The bookstore is located at
The book is available in paperback (ISBN 978-0-9824214-1-3) for $24.95 as well as hardcover with a dust jacket (ISBN 978-0-9824214-0-6) for $34.95.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Past Few Weeks at RGP

What an interesting few weeks it’s been! Just when you think you know what you are doing, and which direction you are headed, life gives you a fork in the road. Robert likes to weigh it all out, check facts, and measure options. Not me, I prefer to make quick decisions and drag whoever I’m with along for the ride. Hindsight has always been a crucial part of my life. When I look back on where I’ve been, I can always pin point it to the fork in the road. Sometimes those choices were hard to make, sometimes they were blind leaps of faith. Either way, once I made the decision to go toward that new goal, the path became clear.

This last bump took us a bit away from photography and more into writing. We self-published our first book, “I, Creator” and due to the great public response, we are now applying for our ISBN numbers, and are set to do a proper book launch by the end of the month. You may have noticed some of our posts being added to E-How and Associated Content, and we are being asked for more and more.

We have had a long hard year, and have learned quite a bit about our business and our relationship. Robert and I have grown stronger in both, a united front to face this world. Through the learning process, we had to do quite a bit of self-evaluation. We learned that even though you live and work 24/7 with someone, you still need to talk TO them and interact WITH them. We learned that good friends are worth their weight in gold. We learned that you CAN change the way you think, and that sometimes you just have to BELIEVE.

We’re real grateful to be able to share our journey with you, and hope that you learn a little bit. Or at least think a bit. Each day is a new adventure to be experienced with your eyes wide open.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

For the birds

When you have parrots, there’s always a comment. They laugh when we do. They laugh when the TV laughs. They yell when it gets loud in here, and in the middle of a conversation, Tye will interject the word “Really?”

They are a lot of fun; we really enjoy having them around. And, once in a while, we are able to set up the lights and take some pictures of them.

Princess is our Green Wing Macaw. Her main color is red, only her wings are green and blue. Tye is our Miniature Noble Macaw. He is about one third the size of Princess, but larger than a parakeet.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Persevering Obstacles - The Art of Tearing Down Walls

Personally and professionally, most people encounter obstacles in their paths to growth and success. There are times when the size and number of roadblocks can overshadow your vision, making goals and projects seem insurmountable. It is much easier to step over a molehill, than to climb Mt. Everest.

Being able to assess, adapt and overcome are important qualities for individuals and teams to succeed at conquering difficulties. The manner in which we approach situations often dictates their outcome. Many of the obstacles faced in life can be resolved by applying systematic processes to achieve our goals.

Define and understand the goal; be clear in your visions and understanding of the things you wish to achieve.

Know where you are; assess your current position with accurate understanding of abilities and available resources.

Break it down; dissect large roadblocks in to smaller, more manageable portions that can be measured and accomplished.

Be flexible; there may be several paths that lead to the success of your overall end desire.

Move; nothing gets done without action. Great ideas never manifest into results without taking steps to accomplish them.

Learn; measure the value of your efforts and determine what worked and what did not. Knowledge from failure one day may lead to succeeding the next.

Often it is the journey and not the destination that leads to the greatest personal development. When we strive to continue to learn and grow, the walls encountered today easily become stepping-stones to the next level.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Making Progress

Wow, what a week it’s been! We’ve been working hard on getting some of the backlogged work ready for stock. Most of the work we shoot is regular commercial, so we put it up on Microstock. But there are some shots that are just a step better. Maybe it’s the angle it’s shot, or the subject matter, or it’s just too “artsy” for Micros. Those are the shots we put up at Midstock. Our current portfolio is at Alamy Stock photography by Robert Gebbie at Alamy

Here are some of the images we hope the inspectors like as much as we do!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photography through the murky mind of depression.

“If one is even able to pick up a camera while depressed, it can make ones perception very different than when one is not depressed. Things don’t seem to have the sparkle and glamour they had once before. One usually ends up with darkly composed pictures. If there is any light, it is very selective in the way it is applied to the subject.

I rarely pick up my camera when I am depressed, because I know I will be disappointed with the outcome of any pictures I take. The effort it takes to create a good picture is often overpowered by depression. Depression is a very debilitating thing. It takes away the things that you once loved to do, making the simplest of tasks seem impossible to achieve.

Bright colors seem too bright and washed out, while darkness seems appealing. If one could use photography to capture the happiness of life, or just the essence of life itself, I think it could be a useful tool in the healing process. By focusing on something other than the negative, one could use the camera to block out the bad things in life and try to see only the good.” James Burns

James Burns is a primary contributing photographer, influence, and closest friend. While working together a few years ago, James helped me over a slump by encouraging me to pick up my passion as a hobby. This company, it’s accomplishments, and much of our vision has been greatly furthered by the support of our friend. The need for artists to express themselves and be creative runs deep. Sometimes the act of expression itself can begin a healing process.

We would like to present to you some of Jim’s work. His floral images speak volumes, personalities sparkle or flare as the light hits just so. His work is featured in our gallery, and we’ve compiled a book with his work, entitled “Flowers At Night”. We invite you to preview it at


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I, Creator – a personal journey

Robert and I have had moderate success in our business, but the images that caused the most stir have been The Man series. This was such a personal and emotional shoot for us, we knew we would have to present it in just the right way.

These images have caused the greatest impact on viewers. I think it is because they are very real images. When I tell you that no one else could have been at that shoot, please believe me, because I still get choked up over that day.

Robert is a strong and stable man, emotionally intact, and very strict in the way he deals with issues. To see this man, crumbled, lying on the floor, twisted in pain, his entire stature of 6’4” reduced to a little ball, tears streaming down our faces… This is real life. This is Passion in Art.

This book is dedicated to his son, Kyle Raymond Gebbie. He was taken away too young. Almost 20 years later, the pain is still fresh. This is the pain, the drive, the emotion that takes his images to the next level.

Learning to cope and deal with depression is a difficult road to travel. In this book, Robert bares his soul, and asks you to do the same. To look into yourself, to see your commitment to your spirit, and to follow it.

This book fulfills a promise, a commitment made from one soul to another. We hope you share the journey with us. You can find our book at


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Observing Light and Shadow

Many times I hear and read about the way a photographer or artist lights their subject. What happens when we reverse this idea and ask “How do we shadow or darken our scene?”

Sometimes, it is the parts of the image that are hidden and left in the dark which feed our imagination and create a stronger appeal and emotion. Darkness in an image leaves a question behind. What is beyond that darkened doorway? Does the smile on his lips reflect in his unseen eyes?

Reverse the process by which you see your subject. Add shadow to a fully lit scene, rather than lighting one that starts in darkness. Observe what is added in the impact when we take away what is known, rather than revealing those things that were hidden.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reality or Perception; Truth or (Dream, Smoke, Lie, Illusion)

A few days ago my wife Lori and I had a discussion that made me pause. The focus of this conversation was perception, the difference between an impression and reality both personally and professionally.
“You only get one chance to make a first impression”, a phrase most of us have heard throughout our lives, a statement that has become generally accepted by most of the world. But is it true or just an assumption? How much of what we have been trained to think or believe is actual, and how much an illusion that holds us from ever achieving the things we perceive beyond our reach or impossible?
I must admit I am guilty of this myself. More than a few times in my life, I have met people and made judgments about them personally or professionally that didn’t hold true in the end. People who have disappointed me because I had expectations of them that were not realistic as well as those who have far surpassed what I thought they were capable of. I am sure the Wright Brothers were told more then once to give up their fantasy of flight and to get back to reality fixing bicycles and printing presses in their shop.

If you have no dream, then what is there in life to achieve? What is left to accomplish?

Does your perception of yourself limit your possibilities; are you the largest roadblock in your life and profession?

Evaluate yourself often. Be honest in defining your strengths and weaknesses. It is much easier to develop a clear vision of what you wish to accomplish, when there is a solid understanding of where you are to start.

Define yourself, know who you are, be willing to learn and grow.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentine couple shoot - Must be the season.

We decided to do a “couples” shoot. We don’t have many pictures of the two of us together, so we thought we would get in front of the camera. Here are our Valentine’s Day, Romantic Middle-Aged Couple pictures. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dinosaurs are extinct:

Why do we continue to repeat the same failed process or make the same mistake and expect a different result? I have observed time and time again throughout my life people and businesses that seem to believe they can grow and thrive by continuing to do or produce in the same day-to-day manner they have for years. Even under the best of conditions, with ideal economic times, failing to adapt and change to the world around us is certain extinction.

Species, society, business or individual, the same principal stands true; you must evolve. To exist by only listening to one philosophy, have you really learned anything? When you live on a planet covered by ocean, you should learn to swim.

If a company only produces one line of product, or explores and develops with a single idea, what happens to that flat earth philosophy when it is discovered that the earth is round? When you, your business or your work are not learning, creating, exploring, discovering and growing, you cease to evolve and begin to die.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Passion in Art - by Lori Gebbie

Robert is the main artist in our family, but I hold my own.

When I was young, my calling was music. I remember my father playing Ella Fitzgerald and June Christy for me, saying, “Now, THIS is music, this is how it’s supposed to be done.” I was five, and we were sitting in the living room listening to good music. My siblings had all been musical, my father was a pianist, my mother was a dancer, it was just right. I went on to sing for a number of years, quite happily. I had my chances with stardom, at 16 I was offered a 2 year internship with private instruction from Mr. Pavarotti himself, which I reluctantly turned down. I was in a Showcase of Talent at a club, where I happened to work with George Lopez while he was still working his day job across the street. But that wasn’t where I was headed. I met my first husband, and we went into business together, and that took up all of my free time. Singing was put on the back shelf, I could always get back to it later, couldn’t I? In my late 20s, I was living overseas, and joined a local choral group. I didn’t speak German, I was still new there. But we could communicate through music, and I was immediately accepted into their group.

The joy to sing what your heart feels, the pride and swelling sensation, tearing up when you hit a sweet spot in the song, feeling your whole body pulse with the music coming from your lips… This is what singing was for me. And all of a sudden, about three months after I joined this choir group, right before our first performance, I got sick. My neck hurt, and it was hurting to talk. And I heard the dreaded words I never wanted to hear, “We can perform surgery, but there is only a 30% chance you will keep your current voice, otherwise you will be at a whisper.” I opted out of the surgery. My thyroid had crashed, and the extra vibration with the singing had escalated my condition to a point I had no choice but to stop singing completely. So, as the years go by, my voice gets deeper and more scratchy, a sad reminder to the pretty voice I once owned.

So, with a teary farewell, I gave up my passion in life. Along the same time, I had picked up a camera again. Oh, sure, I’d been in Photo Club in school, and knew how to knock down an old canister in a darkroom and use developer, etc, but hadn’t messed with it since I was a young teen. I didn’t want to send my pictures through the military system, there was always talk about not getting the right set back, etc. So I went “on the economy” to a German photo store. The more I brought my pictures in, the more interest the owner took in me. I used a lot of my time in Europe traveling, and took some amazing pictures. The owner would always comment on how clear my images were, and he even bought a few to blow up and display in his store. I also made poster prints for people there, selling them for a pittance, but happy that someone liked them enough to purchase them.

I took casual pictures, here and there, but I had lost my passion, I had lost my voice, and nothing was replacing that loss. Little did I know, my life was headed down an entirely different road. Within a few years, I had traveled back to the United States, and ended up single and in Las Vegas. I didn’t really have a direction, or an interest. I floated from this job to that one, trying to find some passion in my life again. I went into business another time, and learned about some pitfalls the hard way. (We lost that company in a hostile takeover from a shark investment company.) I started a slow spiral down, I may not have been done with Las Vegas, but it was done with me. I found myself sitting at my father’s kitchen table, him and my mother helping me decide where I was going to move. Oregon called me louder, so I hopped a plane and was on my way. I stayed with my sister for a while, then I met Robert.

Since then, my life has passion and meaning again. Robert showed me some of the work he had done, and for the first time in a long time, I felt the pulse, the heart beat of passion. It was intoxicating, and I was hooked. I encouraged him to start drawing again, and he was able to finish a print he had been stuck on for 2 years. We also went on drives with the camera, taking snapshots here and there, enjoying our time together. We’d been together about a year and a half when he told me he wanted to take my picture. He started digging around and pulling out suitcases and poles and equipment and stuff. He set up a backdrop and set up his lights, and we did our first proper shoot. Years before, he had packed all of his equipment up when he shut his studio down, so this was a significant step. Word spread, and he did a few shoots for friends, mostly for chat sites. Then the word started really spreading, and soon, people were asking who the photographer was. It wasn’t anything he was interested in doing, he already had a real good job as a Quality Control Inspector. That’s where he met Jim, and he and Jim started talking Photography.

On January 10th, it will be one year since Robert came home for good. We’ve worked together 24/7 for the past year, and I’m so grateful for the time. We both learned so much about the other, and we are at peace together, truly best friends, wrapped up in passion for our art and each other. My passion lies with Robert, I fuel his passion to create the way he creates. His photography has life. The more he creates, the more real he gets. And my heart swells with pride when I hear the glowing reviews, or when we make a sale.

I also sculpt the Wermz we have for sale. You can see them at our Etsy site, We donate from Wermz and Print sales to a charity. Our charity during these cold months is Meals on Wheels.