Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Beautiful Souls" A Portrait Study of 13 Women

Recently, I asked a small group of women I know if they were interested in being involved in a project with us. 12 women graciously accepted our invitation, and the end result is our new book, “Beautiful Souls”. The work we got from the shoot has just floored us. We were hoping for some good shots, a book to be shared in the social circle we travel in, and a good time for everyone. But what we got was just amazing. To see these women transform from their regular lives into someone soft and alluring, inviting and sexy, well, what can I say other than it’s been one of the most pleasurable projects I’ve had to final edit.

We wanted to show our friends that they were truly beautiful, and were, indeed, works of art. These are not “mo
dels”, these are just regular women that I know socially. We had our friend, Kaleena Ackelson, do the makeup, and Robert took the shots. I, of course, rounded them all up, got the contracts signed, and am working on the final edit of the book. We still have three women left to shoot this weekend, and the book will be at the publisher by the end of the month. (We are pre-selling the book, for those interested. 80 pages, Hardcover $35, Softcover $25. Shoot me an email at RGebbiePhotography@yahoo.com with the quantity and style you want, and I will send back a money request.) The book will be available to the public on our website, www.RGebbiePhoto.com in our bookstore after February 1st, 2010.

These are a few pictures from the shoot, the book images will differ slightly.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New additions, Briar Wood Smoking Pipes!

Now available, Freehand Briar wood smoking pipes! Each pipe has been hand crafted to emphasize the beauty of the grain, and polished to an almost glass finish! Briar wood has always been the preferred wood for quality pipes, built to last decades in your collection.