Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I, Creator – a personal journey

Robert and I have had moderate success in our business, but the images that caused the most stir have been The Man series. This was such a personal and emotional shoot for us, we knew we would have to present it in just the right way.

These images have caused the greatest impact on viewers. I think it is because they are very real images. When I tell you that no one else could have been at that shoot, please believe me, because I still get choked up over that day.

Robert is a strong and stable man, emotionally intact, and very strict in the way he deals with issues. To see this man, crumbled, lying on the floor, twisted in pain, his entire stature of 6’4” reduced to a little ball, tears streaming down our faces… This is real life. This is Passion in Art.

This book is dedicated to his son, Kyle Raymond Gebbie. He was taken away too young. Almost 20 years later, the pain is still fresh. This is the pain, the drive, the emotion that takes his images to the next level.

Learning to cope and deal with depression is a difficult road to travel. In this book, Robert bares his soul, and asks you to do the same. To look into yourself, to see your commitment to your spirit, and to follow it.

This book fulfills a promise, a commitment made from one soul to another. We hope you share the journey with us. You can find our book at http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/568133.


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