Thursday, March 5, 2009

Persevering Obstacles - The Art of Tearing Down Walls

Personally and professionally, most people encounter obstacles in their paths to growth and success. There are times when the size and number of roadblocks can overshadow your vision, making goals and projects seem insurmountable. It is much easier to step over a molehill, than to climb Mt. Everest.

Being able to assess, adapt and overcome are important qualities for individuals and teams to succeed at conquering difficulties. The manner in which we approach situations often dictates their outcome. Many of the obstacles faced in life can be resolved by applying systematic processes to achieve our goals.

Define and understand the goal; be clear in your visions and understanding of the things you wish to achieve.

Know where you are; assess your current position with accurate understanding of abilities and available resources.

Break it down; dissect large roadblocks in to smaller, more manageable portions that can be measured and accomplished.

Be flexible; there may be several paths that lead to the success of your overall end desire.

Move; nothing gets done without action. Great ideas never manifest into results without taking steps to accomplish them.

Learn; measure the value of your efforts and determine what worked and what did not. Knowledge from failure one day may lead to succeeding the next.

Often it is the journey and not the destination that leads to the greatest personal development. When we strive to continue to learn and grow, the walls encountered today easily become stepping-stones to the next level.

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