Sunday, November 29, 2009


The greatest treasure mankind has to offer cannot be purchased with silver or gold, but must be earned through the experiences in life’s journey. More valuable than the world’s most prized piece of art is the knowledge and wisdom humanity has gained in our short existence on this planet. With a fantastic imagination and the ability to learn and adapt the race of man has evolved from cave dweller to space explorer.

With everything that people have and can create, the most precious item of all is the one that usually gets overlooked, which is ourselves. In today’s busy and rapidly changing world, it can be difficult to find time for improving as individuals. With career and family obligations, and the random chaos that interrupts daily life, people often neglect dedicating time for them self. When individuals understand who they are inside, they are much better equipped to deal with the world outside.

No amount of wealth can make a person content if they are not first happy with themselves. The world can be a hard and unforgiving place, relationships, careers and possessions can all be taken away from individuals throughout their lifetime. The things you seek today can quickly become the stuff of distant memory tomorrow. When an individual can love and accept themselves, they can find peace with whatever their future might hold.

So if you want to shine up your most precious gem, or put another coat of polish on your greatest treasure then look inside and better yourself. The finest creation humanity has to offer, individually and collectively, is who we are as people. There is no gift more valuable than when people give of themselves.

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