Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slaying the Dragons Within

Everyone has battles they fight in their everyday life, such as family and job stresses. But what of the wars that rage within one’s own self? The ever-weighing scale between the things we know which are right, and the deeds we have done that are wrong. Even a young child knows when they act in a way that hurts others without cause. We can assume, with the rare exception, that most people recognize the basic concepts of good and bad.

We all start with the same scaled down version of the rule book. So where did humanity go so far away from following our own natural and true nature? What pains and injustices must we have suffered and forced on each other to steer an entire society so far from its course? Do we even care about the road our world takes in facing its future?

The true nature of the beast lies within. It is not always in the accomplishments, but the intent that our internal balance will weigh. At the end of the day, one should claim they have done their best or been the best person they can be. Any time people enhance or improve their inner self, they add to the advancement of our world as a result. From a small act of kindness extended to another, a multitude of people’s lives may be enhanced, like a tidal wave forming from a single drop of rain. The accumulated experiences of an individual’s life have much to do with creating the person they become; history has great influence over the path of the future. Often the unresolved fears and guilt of the past create the blocks that obscure people from a more peaceful and happy tomorrow.

Clear the roadway between who you are now and the greater individual you will be. The greatest truths awaiting discovery are within the things we already know, but often fail to understand. Woven within the experiences and observations of life are each person’s individual perspective of the truth. The goal is to tell our own selves the truth. The only thing standing between a person and their discovery of inner peace is the person themselves. While we react to exterior influences, we do have control over the person we are within.

Only three conditions need to be met for people to be happier and more peaceful individuals. Forgive yourself for the mistakes of your past, honestly identify the qualities that need improvement about yourself, and always move forward. Simple in concept, but almost impossible in application. Few people dare to brave the horrors of climbing deep into themselves and discover the glorious spirit that resides within. But a more peaceful and wonderful future awaits those who do!

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