Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Personality Fan Books and Briar Wood Pipes

Some of the clients we shoot portraits of like to display their images in books.

Introducing Rachel’s 40 page hardcover book, “2010”. Her boudoir style book has been requested by so many of her friends, she decided to open it up for public sale. She offers a preview of a portion of her book, and invites you to take a look and see!
(Prices are set by our clients, and are shipped directly to you from the printer within 2 weeks of ordering.) Rachel's 2010 book
These books are offered to our portrait clients, and we hope to have more available in the coming weeks.

If you plan on being in the Las Vegas area, and would like to set up your own Book shoot, drop us a line at We would be happy to discuss various options available for your photographic needs.

We would also like to share some new handcrafted Briar Wood Smoking pipes we just released for sale. These beautiful Briar Wood smoking pipes are designed for a comfortable fit in the hand. They have a plateau end which allows for a nice gripping area. Beautiful wood grain patterns throughout, gorgeous swirl and burst patterns. These fine quality pipe will last decades in your collection! Our Briar Pipes at etsy

A little bit about Briar Wood:

Briar grows in the arid, agriculturally unproductive land surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Because of its severe habitat, briar grows very slowly. A marketable burl must be 40 years old before it can be harvested. Larger pipes would require an older burl. Larger burls from 100-year-old briars are becoming exceedingly hard to find. This is compounded by the fact that all easily accessible sources of briar have been used up and the back breaking labor of digging up burls must be accomplished without the help of power tools.

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