Friday, November 19, 2010

A little bit of Zazzle!!

By Lori Gebbie

We’ve been shooting images for stock for the past three years, and while it was a lot of fun to take the pictures and put them up for stock, I always felt a little flat. I saw so many uses for the images, but didn’t think I’d ever become a designer myself. And then, I found zazzle!

Zazzle has opened up a new opportunity for me to show my creative side, and I’m really happy that I have so much to choose from! From mouse pads to iPad covers, there is a whole world to design and create! And now, I get to do some of it myself! All of my favorite images are now being displayed on various products, the way we intended them to be seen. Great gift ideas, especially the little knick-knack stocking stuffer ideas! And I feel pretty blessed that our artwork is getting seen by a more general public than just designers! We have quite a colorful portfolio, and I’ve done my best to keep our images bright and sharp on our products.

We have some real cute ideas, won’t you take a look and see if there’s something YOU like there?*/

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