Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zentangle Color, Doodle Art

Zentangle Color, Doodle Art We've pulled out our colors for this one! New in our store, Zentangle images! What are Zentangles? Some view them as abstract doodles, free flowing and creative. Others find a kind of symetry in the designs and find a bit of peace in them. Follow the lines in these abstract images and find the flavor you need. We offer these in various shades, depending on your preference.

Zentangle art captures the meditative spirit. What do YOU see in them?

Zentangle Greeting Cards:

ZenHearts card
ZenHearts by RGebbiePhoto

GreenZen card
GreenZen by RGebbiePhoto

RedZen card
RedZen by RGebbiePhoto

Coffee Cups:

GreenZen 2 mug
GreenZen 2 by RGebbiePhoto

Zen 1 mug
Zen 1 by RGebbiePhoto

Purple Zen mug
Purple Zen by RGebbiePhoto


Zen Blues mousepad
Zen Blues by RGebbiePhoto

ZenHearts mousepad
ZenHearts by RGebbiePhoto

LoveTangle mousepad
LoveTangle by RGebbiePhoto


Zen 1 Colors coaster
Zen 1 Colors by RGebbiePhoto

Red Zen coaster
Red Zen by RGebbiePhoto

Green Zen coaster
Green Zen by RGebbiePhoto


GreenZen sticker
GreenZen by RGebbiePhoto

Zen 1 Colored sticker
Zen 1 Colored by RGebbiePhoto

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