Saturday, July 2, 2011

Featured Picks of the Day 7/2/2011

RGebbiePhoto’s picks of the day is a showcase of some of our favorite locations from around the internet. We will be featuring gift designs and unique creations from Zazzle, news and articles from Squidoo and some inspirational and motivational affirmations for your daily life. We will also use this space for current announcements and any news we want to share.

In This Article -

1. Zazzle Featured Creations
2. Squidoo Featured Articles
3. Inspirational Affirmations

Zazzle Featured Creations -

We have selected some of our favorite zazzle creations for your viewing pleasure. To view details about these items click the link or image and you will be taken to its listing.

Today’s theme – Newest Designs and Creative Inspiration

Newest design – Stars

Colorful Stars profilecard
Colorful Stars by RGebbiePhoto

Colored Stars doodle
Colored Stars by RGebbiePhoto

Colored Stars mug
Colored Stars by RGebbiePhoto

Creative Inspiration –

Hands with Pastels, covered mug
Hands with Pastels, covered by RGebbiePhoto

Create! mug
Create! by RGebbiePhoto

Create! shirt
Create! by RGebbiePhoto

Create! mug
Create! by RGebbiePhoto

Create! mousepad
Create! by RGebbiePhoto

Painting - Create! shirt
Painting - Create! by RGebbiePhoto

Create! shirt
Create! by RGebbiePhoto

Squidoo featured article –

Climbing Your Inner Walls -

Most people have experiences that cause them to create barriers between their inner self and the outside. Some of these walls are necessary they protect us from the world and ourselves, other walls stall or even stop us in our own personal growth.

Featured inspirational affirmation –

Evaluate yourself often. Be honest. It’s much easier to develop a goal if you know where your true start point is. – RGebbiePhoto

Participate in the decisions that determine your destiny. Be the architect of your own future. - RGebbiePhoto


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