Friday, March 8, 2013

The Mighty Oak, A Bards Tale - and some other stuff

In this post we wanted to share a little piece that we pulled out of my archive of "written but never published" articles. This particular creation came to be several years ago while I was experiencing my personal epiphany or awakening. This will be the prologue for a series of stories and short tales that I am writing which will deal with a number of emotional issues and life situations told from an observers perspective, the tree's.

The Mighty Oak;

I am an old and mighty oak tree.  I was born from the seeds spread by my father, and found a place to root and grow in the skin of my mother, the Earth.
I have held my place in history and nature for a long time, watching the world move and change around me as I grew.
I hold the memories of my father and those of all our fathers before him.  Stories passed down to me as a seed while I still hung from Dad's wide branches.
I have heard the songs of my mother, sung softly as she held me close in the soil, nurturing me and helping me grow tall and strong.
I have felt the sun shine, and the rain fall.  I have witnessed the mountains rise through the stories whispered on the winds, and I have seen great rivers rise and recede away.
My stories are those of the Earth, of Nature, and of Man.  Come sit under the shelter of my branches, enjoy the shade, and share the tales I whisper along the winds.


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