Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dinosaurs are extinct:

Why do we continue to repeat the same failed process or make the same mistake and expect a different result? I have observed time and time again throughout my life people and businesses that seem to believe they can grow and thrive by continuing to do or produce in the same day-to-day manner they have for years. Even under the best of conditions, with ideal economic times, failing to adapt and change to the world around us is certain extinction.

Species, society, business or individual, the same principal stands true; you must evolve. To exist by only listening to one philosophy, have you really learned anything? When you live on a planet covered by ocean, you should learn to swim.

If a company only produces one line of product, or explores and develops with a single idea, what happens to that flat earth philosophy when it is discovered that the earth is round? When you, your business or your work are not learning, creating, exploring, discovering and growing, you cease to evolve and begin to die.

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