Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reality or Perception; Truth or (Dream, Smoke, Lie, Illusion)

A few days ago my wife Lori and I had a discussion that made me pause. The focus of this conversation was perception, the difference between an impression and reality both personally and professionally.
“You only get one chance to make a first impression”, a phrase most of us have heard throughout our lives, a statement that has become generally accepted by most of the world. But is it true or just an assumption? How much of what we have been trained to think or believe is actual, and how much an illusion that holds us from ever achieving the things we perceive beyond our reach or impossible?
I must admit I am guilty of this myself. More than a few times in my life, I have met people and made judgments about them personally or professionally that didn’t hold true in the end. People who have disappointed me because I had expectations of them that were not realistic as well as those who have far surpassed what I thought they were capable of. I am sure the Wright Brothers were told more then once to give up their fantasy of flight and to get back to reality fixing bicycles and printing presses in their shop.

If you have no dream, then what is there in life to achieve? What is left to accomplish?

Does your perception of yourself limit your possibilities; are you the largest roadblock in your life and profession?

Evaluate yourself often. Be honest in defining your strengths and weaknesses. It is much easier to develop a clear vision of what you wish to accomplish, when there is a solid understanding of where you are to start.

Define yourself, know who you are, be willing to learn and grow.



CHarmon said...

Hi Robert. I found your blog via the photography group in FaceBook - I'm glad I clicked!

I can say that for me, my self-perception did, and to a much lesser extent still does, limit my possibilities. A lifetime of low self esteem/worth/confidence has prevented me from pursuing dreams that I wouldn't hesitate to follow now. In a sense, I mourn the fatalities of opportunities I didn't grasp due to not thinking I could, or didn't deserve, or 'what if' that were always followed by 'I can't'.

Time, experience, self-reflection, and a few wins under my belt has allowed me to become stronger, more willing/daring/confident/challenging.

I wish I had someone instill the insight when I was younger to evaluate, understand, and set goals as you stated so eloquently in your message. It's a wonderful reminder for me even now - thank you!

kara said...

And then there are people like me who define themselves on what others think of them.

Profound post - thanks for the direction.