Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On Controlling Your Future

Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time dissecting and analyzing ourselves as artists, as spouses, as individuals. The one thing we have agreed on, completely, is that understanding is the most important part. Learning how to understand our triggers better has brought an odd peace into our home. Odd, because we are still faced with the same worries and issues as before, but more peaceful because we understand how these things affect us, and make a choice to not be affected. As long as you understand you have a choice, you can make one.

“We are the result of our experiences both good and bad. There are numerous factors that create the people we become in life. Some of these events we have direct influence on or control over, while others are a matter of timing and fate. Everyone, each person in this world, has an individual perspective and their own unique story to tell. From the lucky and successful, to the disaster ridden and misfortunate, every path has a personal amount of choice and its own measure of the unexpected.”
– excerpt from “Controlling Your Future” by Robert Gebbie.

Learning how to take more control of your life and those things that influence you is part of the focus of this article. To see this article, and many other self-improvement articles, be sure to see Robert’s page at –

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