Monday, May 4, 2009

RGebbiePhoto Live Radio Interview on

Wednesday 05/06/09 TwinPsychics Radio shows on - An Interview with Robert & Lori Gebbie from RGebbiePhoto

Robert’s inspirational writing has touched a wide audience, and among them is the Twin Psychic’s Network ( We were pretty happy when they invited us to do a radio interview! Sunhee is such a positive and encouraging force, we couldn’t help but jump at the chance of getting to know her better!

“I, Creator – a personal journey” ( has caused quite a bit of interest, bringing words of hope, guidance and inspiration to many. Knowing that we are helping others with our words of encouragement means a great deal to us. Sunhee has asked that we talk a little about the book, but also that we tell the story behind the creation. We hope you tune in and join us!

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