Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Quick Update

This is just a short update to let everyone one know a little about what we have been up to recently. Lori and I have been spending most of our time creating and expanding our store on Zazzle. After three years of creating our works and submitting them primarily to image stock agencies we are now also promoting our designs on a variety of products and gifts for anyone to enjoy.

We have also discovered a fun and unique place for us to post many of our personal development and growth articles, as well as creating some new and exciting content just for fun. The site is called Squidoo, and you can find our main profile here: . Please take a stroll on over and say hello, or browse through some of our current projects. Here is a quick reference list to the articles we currently have available:

Our Zazzle Journey -
How will you leave your mark? -
Controlling Your Future -
Evaluation and Adaptation -
How to Make Your Vision a Reality -
It Takes More than Words -
The Greatest Adventure -
The One Thing -

Thank you all for your time and support and we wish everyone happiness and success in 2011.

Robert & Lori Gebbie

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