Friday, January 7, 2011

Taking the first steps

Often the first few steps in personal progress can be the hardest. It is never easy to step from the safety you know into a rush of unknown possibilities. The security and comfort that keep our inner selves safe can also be the one thing holding us back from greater potential just beyond the next hill or curve in our path. There are always risks; a person can never be assured that the next choice they make or steps they take will always be positive.

When there is potential for great success, there is always the risk of great failure. The manners in which we approach these possibilities help to determine what the outcome may be. When we move forward with optimism and a positive outlook, even in the face of disaster, a person can find lessons which may yield the keys to a future victory. Sometimes a person will suffer a dozen losses before they experience a single win, but without trying, even that one success will never be accomplished.

The lessons people learn from their past failures are often the stepping stones that lead to their future successes. Most of us have heard the age old adage “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. If humanity had quit with every tragedy they encountered, it is doubtful our species would have developed or survived as long as we have. Experience and knowledge are gained by observing an attempt, and revising the things which went wrong against those that went right, then trying again. Few people or projects ever reach a stage of accomplishment without also overcoming a number of obstacles which stand in their way.

To move forward in life we must first be prepared to fail before we expect to succeed. I encourage everyone to seek and aspire greater in themselves and their life. The possibilities of the future far outweigh the struggles and disappointments that may be encountered in the journey getting there. Take the chance that you may fall a dozen times before you conquer the mountains that lay ahead. The rewards which await each of us are well worth the bruises and scrapes we may receive along the way.

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