Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life;
by Robert Gebbie

In recent weeks we have been strongly encouraged to start writing again. It has been almost a four year absence from our blog and almost as long from our other literary pursuits. After so much time away it can be difficult to find the rhythm and flow that once seemed so natural. In looking back, reviewing some of our favorite works, one article continues to stand out. This particular piece expresses our core beliefs and philosophies as well as being one of our greatest works I believe we have ever created. Following is our very first post which first appeared here on our blog page in October of 2008, we hope you enjoy it as much as we still do.

I Creator; The great expression
(Maybe the answer to life)

     The world is filled with pictures and images, visual media as advertisements, art and dialog saturate every aspect of our lives. From expressing an emotion to reminding us to turn off the lights when we leave the room, photographs, designs, graphics and text can be found on almost everything in our lives. It is the way we as humans communicate, it is the depth, breath and fuel of our souls. It is the one thing that has separated the human race from all other forms of life on this planet, the ability to express, communicate, record and create visually.
      I am an artist; photographer and now writer because it is my need beyond any other driving force in my life to express, create and record. It is in all of us, in every form of expression from your first scribble to your greatest achievement and at times our worst failures. The ability to capture, write, teach and learn has enabled humans to rise above a level of instinctual survival.
     We are the only creatures I know who spend their entire lives documenting and recording themselves, in millions of forms and in millions of ways we say I am, was and have been, I must leave my mark, I creator, see what I have done. So whatever it is that you do, take a photograph, draw a picture, write a line, sculpt, build, design, teach or communicate. Create, invent and imagine because that is what it means to be human and for all of us I might even speculate that this is the true meaning of life, and the answer to everything we are, to leave our mark, to be remembered.

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