Monday, March 27, 2017

Where the journey ends

Where the journey ends;
by Robert and Lori Gebbie

Every person’s journey through life is their own; we are the sum of our knowledge and experiences. Even when there is a plan for the road traveled often things do not end up where we expected. Each moment leads us onward into the next, an ever changing sequence of events that will one day bring a person to the end of their journey in this physical world.

As a species the human race often asks, what are we? Why we are here and where are we going? It is my belief that with all the things we have become, in knowledge and spirit, there must be a grander purpose to our existence than the limited span of our individual lives. The advances we make through one generation propel forward the children we introduce into the next, continuing to advance and evolve from the creatures we once were to what we will become.

It is my great hope that one day our species will overcome the petty differences that divide us. Individually and collectively raising ourselves above the confines of our physical limitations to discover what comes next. Perhaps what awaits is an existence outside the confines of time and our physical mortality.  Could the entirety of our earthly existence simply be one stage in a much greater journey? I certainly hope there is more and greater ahead than what we leave behind.

This is the hope, for bigger and better, to be rewarded for our patience and diligence, to have the higher understanding, the greater sense of accomplishment, to achieve total enlightenment. For us to think we will “retire” once we are on the other side, fishing, or playing harps on clouds, it is a sad conclusion to a life that has been spent seeking a larger answer, a higher meaning. While ok for some, we hope to continue learning and growing, to continue evolving to become pure light, pure energy, pure love.

The road is not an easy one to maintain sure footing on. Slips and slides will happen, that is “being human”, but how you recover from a slip, the intent to continue on the correct path, instead of taking the easier way, that is what matters in the end. To recover and vow to correct the behavior that led you to the slip, instead of becoming lazy and letting it slide you right off the path. 

This is not something you can pretend to do. There is no one to answer to but yourself. And you already know. There is no cheating at the end, there is no second chances once your number is drawn. So the choice is yours, to raise yourself up, or to just live and survive this life and hope for the best. How will YOU leave your mark?

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