Sunday, April 23, 2017

Change, Change, Change

Change, Change, Change
by Robert Gebbie

It is interesting how quickly a person's life can change. Just when you think you know what direction life is taking you, something happens, and you find yourself headed in a completely different direction. In recent months we have been receiving a lot of encouragement to write a more in-depth and comprehensive version of our "Self Perpetuating Evolution" essays. Self Perpetuating Evolution is a faith-inspired personal growth and development concept. It focuses on the inner person, with an emphasis on the mind and spirit portion of the mind, body, spirit connection. If you have never read this compilation of articles they are available on our main web site, a free downloadable PDF document is available to print at the bottom of the
page. You can find it here. -

We have decided to write a book and have begun gathering and combining several hundred of our older articles together to create an outlined starting point. It is a lot of work and at times feels overwhelming, but block by block it is all coming together. Over the months ahead we will, from time to time, publish updates about our latest adventure as well as including some

excerpts from the project. To be continued.

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