Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Meeting of Talents Midst Everyday Life

James Burns is one of the photographic talents that makes up Robert Gebbie Photography. Jim has been a driving force, a cheerleader, a positive attitude and influence in our small company. Here, he shares the story of how he came to work with us.

Artistic things have been an interest of mine ever since I can remember. Even as a small child, I would draw cartoon characters to see how close I could make them look like the original. I remember one time I drew one of those “Tippy the Turtle” draw-me cartoons you see in the back of comic books and things. I must have been about 12, I think. I sent it off, happy I had done a great job. I received a rejection letter, telling me I should not trace the image. I was shocked! I would never trace an image! I drew it by hand! Well, I neglected to read the instructions completely, I was to make it bigger than the one provided. So off I went to redraw this turtle, determined to do a good job. The next letter I received was a congratulations letter, telling me I had won the prize. But I could not accept it, as it was for an art school in a different state. Class was paid for, but travel and housing was not. But that was not important, I had drawn the turtle, and it was good!

As I grew to an adult, my artistic talents showed themselves in the form of metal sculptures, oil paintings, and recreating WW1 and WW2 artifacts. But there was still more, still a vision, still something else I wanted to share. I was working a regular job and one day I was introduced to a new co-worker, Robert. It was an ordinary experience, showing him the workflow and casual chat, getting to know each other. Along the way a friendship emerged from this working relationship. Our conversations got deeper, experiences shared.

After a few years, I developed an interest in photography. Although he had put his camera down for whatever reasons life had given him, I knew Robert’s 25 years of being a photographer would be a good resource for asking questions. I started with some inexpensive digital cameras and started to play around with taking pictures. Through the progression of picture taking, and asking Robert questions about camera settings, I evolved from an amateur picture taker into a photographer.

Now I am able to take stunning images that make the viewer say “Wow”. My “Flowers at Night” series is a good example. I look at flowers in a whole new light, so to speak. Using lighting, I’m able to create a drama, an intensity in the image. The flowers take on an emotion all their own.

There is also the instant gratification we have with current technology. I can literally take a picture now, and within a few minutes have it uploaded and for sale on the internet. This is the power of the new wave of instant media gratification. This also keeps me motivated to share more and more of the beauty I find around me.

So with my attention to detail, artistic eye, and just the enthusiasm of good photography combined with Robert’s similar abilities and determinations, we have teamed up to show others like us what your dreams and inspirations can accomplish if you set your mind to it.

I enjoy working with, and creating works of art with Robert and his wife, Lori. Together I think we may actually have a good chance at making it in this overexposed media based world.

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