Thursday, June 23, 2011

Featured Picks of the Day 6/23/2011

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1. Zazzle Featured Creations
2. Squidoo Featured Articles
3. Inspirational Affirmations

Zazzle Featured Creations -

We have selected some of our favorite zazzle creations for your viewing pleasure. To view details about these items click the link or image and you will be taken to its listing.

Today’s theme – Nature and Natural Wonders

Dew on a Garden Leaf print
Dew on a Garden Leaf by RGebbiePhoto

Dusk Sky print
Dusk Sky by RGebbiePhoto

Autumn Leaves mug
Autumn Leaves by RGebbiePhoto

Sea Shell Background mug
Sea Shell Background by RGebbiePhoto

Park Pathway print
Park Pathway by RGebbiePhoto

Afternoon in the Park mousepad
Afternoon in the Park by RGebbiePhoto

Squidoo featured article –

Evaluation and Adaptation -

Species or society, business or individual, the same principal stands true; you must evolve if you want to continue to exist. Change in a comfortable and familiar routine can be very difficult, and considerably more so when those changes are in a person's inner self.

Featured inspirational affirmation –

It matters little how much money you make, possessions owned, or power you have. It is what you do with it that counts. – RGebbiePhoto

View each day as a new beginning. Be open to both the challenges and rewards that come from pursuing the things you desire most in life. - RGebbiePhoto


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