Friday, June 24, 2011

Featured Picks of the Day 6/24/2011

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3. Inspirational Affirmations

Zazzle Featured Creations -

We have selected some of our favorite zazzle creations for your viewing pleasure. To view details about these items click the link or image and you will be taken to its listing.

Today’s theme – Pets and Animals

Missing You card
Missing You by RGebbiePhoto

Miniature Noble Macaw mousepad
Miniature Noble Macaw by RGebbiePhoto

Bite Me Shark A shirt
Bite Me Shark A by RGebbiePhoto

Mr. Brown stamp
Mr. Brown by RGebbiePhoto

Green Wing Macaw mug
Green Wing Macaw by RGebbiePhoto

Pop Corn Bandit mousepad
Pop Corn Bandit by RGebbiePhoto

Squidoo featured article –

The Greatest Treasure -

The greatest treasure mankind has to offer cannot be purchased with silver or gold, but must be earned through the experiences in life's journey. More valuable than the world's most prized piece of art is the knowledge and wisdom humanity has gained in our short existence on this planet.

Featured inspirational affirmation –

It's always been the journey, not the destination that has inspired the souls of men. Take an adventure inside yourself; discover what waits to be reborn. – RGebbiePhoto

The fewer obstacles that obscure a person’s vision, the more clearly that individual can see a path to accomplishing their goals. – RGebbiePhoto


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