Saturday, June 25, 2011

Featured Picks of the Day 6/25/2011

RGebbiePhoto’s picks of the day is a showcase of some of our favorite locations from around the internet. We will be featuring gift designs and unique creations from Zazzle, news and articles from Squidoo and some inspirational and motivational affirmations for your daily life. We will also use this space for current announcements and any news we want to share. Whether goal oriented or art oriented, we'll cover it all!

In This Article -
1. Zazzle Featured Creations
2. Squidoo Featured Articles
3. Inspirational Affirmations

Zazzle Featured Creations -

We have selected some of our favorite zazzle creations for your viewing pleasure. To view details about these items click the link or image and you will be taken to its listing.

Today’s theme – Food and Candy

Red N Green Hot Peppers apron
Red N Green Hot Peppers by RGebbiePhoto

Gumballs to Go 1 mug
Gumballs to Go 1 by RGebbiePhoto

Colorful Bell Peppers mug
Colorful Bell Peppers by RGebbiePhoto

Lemon Lime stamp
Lemon Lime by RGebbiePhoto

Peachy Trio mousepad
Peachy Trio by RGebbiePhoto

Vinegar Bottle Tops mousepad
Vinegar Bottle Tops by RGebbiePhoto

Wet Peppers mousepad
Wet Peppers by RGebbiePhoto

Apples and Cinnamon stamp
Apples and Cinnamon by RGebbiePhoto

Squidoo featured article –

Photographing the Essence of Woman -

hrough my years in the business, I have had the pleasure of photographing thousands of people, and most of them have been women. And there is one truth, which is universal amongst them. Women want to look beautiful in their photos.

Featured inspirational affirmation –

Individuals are the architects of their own destinies. Follow your dreams, and grow from the experiences of the journey. – RGebbiePhoto

Often it is not the truths that others see in us but those we discover within ourselves which matter. - RGebbiePhoto


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